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Urban Design Studio (Oct 2013)

Safety Committee Meeting Presentation

Reuters Mixed Use Article (May 2011)

Proposed Winn Dixie Redevelopment (May 2011)

Planning Smart Dividend (May 2011)

Planning & Zone Codes (March 2011)

OPPAGA EZ Report (Jan 2011)

NTRP Proposed Budget (July 2011)

NTRP Business Plan (July 2011)

NTOD Stakeholders Meeting (January 2012)

NTOD Presentation (Oct 2011)

NT Overlay Presentation (October 26, 2011)

NT Overlay Draft Proposal (September 14, 2011)

North Trail Improvements 09-2012

MPO Planning Presentation (February 2012)

J Robinson IV Business Summary (April 2011)

J Robinson III Tapestry Lifemode (April 2011)

J Robinson II Demographics (April 2011)

J Robinson I Intro (April 2011)

Innovation 41 Presentation (July 2011)

E.D. Request to City Commissioner (Aug 2011)

DRAFT Proposed NTOD (Oct 2011)

"The Rebirth" Euclid Corridor Project, Cleveland (May 2011)