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Jun 09

North Trail Redevelopment Partnership Meeting

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Thanks to those of you who could join us on Thursday, June 8th!

Meeting  Minutes:  


May 27

North Trail's The Ringling Installs Year-Long Exhibit

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Photo by Phil Lederer

May 26

North Trail's Ringling College Expanding

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Notice of Public Hearing Application No. 17-SP-10

Notice is hereby given that the Planning Board/Local Planning Agency of the City of Sarasota, Florida will meet on Wednesday, June 14, 2017, at 6:00 pm in the Commission Chambers, City Hall, 1565 First Street.    Starting at 6:00 pm or as soon thereafter as possible, the Planning Board/Local Planning Agency will open the scheduled Public Hearings in the order they appear on the Agenda.   The following application will be considered at the above scheduled meeting:


May 25

May North Trail Redevelopment Partnership Meeting

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North Trail Redevelopment Partnership

Meeting Minutes of May 11th, 2017


May 24

Don't Miss the North Trail's Museum of Art & Whimsy

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New Entrance


May 09

NTRP Meeting May 11th at 12:00 Noon!

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Reminder that the next meeting of the North Trail Redevelopment Partnership is scheduled for Thursday, May 11th, 12:00 noon at the Center for Arts & Humanity (1226 N. Tamiami Trail).    Please RSVP to Teresa Wyer at   For more information, please contact us at (941) 954-1111.

See the minutes from last month's meeting below!

Mar 15

North Trail Redevelopment Partnership Committees

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As agreed in December, Committees were formed to focus on specific areas of interest.   Each Committee  is to gather facts and data in context of their interest area to include background, history, laws, etc., then develop a purposeful action plan how we can be most effective and then make a presentation at a future specified date.

Please see the current list of Committees and their members:


Mar 14

North Trail Redevelopment Partnership Meeting Minutes

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Thanks to all who attended the February 9th meeting!    Please see the attached meeting minutes.

Next meeting is scheduled April 6th, 2017, 12:15 pm.

Mar 13

A new North Trail business with a smart selection of used books and tasty snacks

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New Book, Coffee, Sandwich Spot Opens Near Ringling College

By Cooper Levey-Baker  3/8/2017 at 10:14am

When Nikki Snyder was little, she wanted to be a librarian, but when she found out that involved dealing with information technology and not just talking about books all day, her dream shifted. Last Wednesday, she and her mother, Donna Frey, opened the doors to Shelf Indulgence, a new used bookstore on the North Trail, right across U.S. 41 from Ringling College of Art and Design, in the space that once housed Big E’s and until recently housed World Bites Kafe.

The small space has been completely redone, with tall shelves housing fiction and nonfiction along the walls, a corner lined with kids’ and young adults’ books and a shorter shelf with Snyder’s prized pick of sci-fi and fantasy tomes. A small table and a smattering of chairs offer spots to rest; high chairs run along a bar that provides views out the big front windows.

But. “It’s difficult to make it selling books alone,” Frey points out, which is why there’s a counter and prep area, too. Shelf Indulgence serves a select pick of sandwiches, salads and pastries baked every morning, as well as that old book accompaniment standby: coffee, made from beans roasted by Sarasota’s Latitude 23.5° Coffee & Tea. (There’s tea, too.) The shop also sells book-related curios and other design objects. The space is lovely, perfect for a solo read in a comfy chair or as a spot to meet a friend for a cup.

Mar 09

A Word with Ethan Hawke at North Trail's Ringling College

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Oscar and Tony Award-nominated actor, screenwriter and director Ethan Hawke visited Ringling College of Art and Design this week, where he met with students, led a master class and discussed the possibility of future projects with the college. Hawke, known for his numerous collaborations with acclaimed director Richard Linklater (including Boyhood) and his Oscar-nominated turn in Training Day opposite Denzel Washington, recently worked with four Ringling College interns on his latest film Blaze, about cult musician Blaze Foley, which he wrote and directed and is set to release in 2018. Yesterday afternoon, Hawke took a moment with SRQ to talk about the joy of working with students, breaking into film and the future of production.

SRQ: You taught a master class yesterday. Why did you want to take the time to work with students and what were you hoping to impart? Hawke: That expression is dubious. The whole idea of a master class is not really a title I feel I deserve. But I love being around students. Students have idealism in their eyes and in their questions and in their energy. The way that they look at the profession that I’ve dedicated my life to is with the eyes of somebody who really sees the best in it and they see so much hope in it. One of the things that is amazing after 30 years of being an artist in the professional world is surviving all of the whips and scorns of professionalism, meaning reducing everything to finance or some lowest common denominator. I love being around students and I find that one of the most surprising things about getting older is the joy I get from being around young people.

Is that energy why you brought four Ringling students on board your latest film, BlazeI love the idea of incorporating school and work and apprenticeship, and exposing young people [to the world]. A lot of young people, particularly with film, have these ideas of what Hollywood is. People are often shocked to find out that I live in New York. They have this idea that Hollywood is something you can touch, as if it’s a real thing. And it’s not. It’s imaginative. There is no "they." Exposing students to real life work helps break down that wall and helps them see that they too can be Hollywood. What I love about schools and education is that it’s a place where you’re not forced to compete in a commercial world, but you’re forced to compete to educate yourself. Just because you may not feel you have permission to enter this universe, that is the way everyone feels. All of us are scared to have permission. You have to decide if you think the arts have value. And if you believe that any movie or any performance or any painting or any dance or any song has value, then it’s a worthy attempt to try and make such a thing. Then it’s up to the universe.