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May 25

May North Trail Redevelopment Partnership Meeting

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North Trail Redevelopment Partnership

Meeting Minutes of May 11th, 2017



I.                   Introductions

a.    New businesses

                                                                          i.      Frank with Kasa Sushi

                                                                        ii.      Nicole Snyder with Shelf Indulgence

b.      Welcome new Planning Director, Steve Cover

c.       Welcome Steve Stancel, General Manager of Economic Development

                                                                          i.      City in process of creating an economic development plan for the North Trail


II.                Minutes

a.       Meeting Minutes of April 6th approved


III.             Report from Board or Executive Committee

a.       No report


IV.             Subcommittee Reports


V.                Presentation/Discussion

a.       Traffic Calming/Roundabout Committee Presentation

                                                                          i.      Why Roundabouts (Ron McCollough, US41 Momentum)

·         Economic opportunities along the North Trail

·         Costs less, last longer (up to 50 years) and work best in a series

                                                                        ii.      City’s Plans for Roundabouts (Alex Davis-Shaw, City Engineer)

·         Per the Bayfront Connectivity Study of several years ago, it was determined roundabouts would be a good way to connect the Bayfront to downtown and the North Trail

·         Original plan for a series of roundabouts from Orange Avenue to 14th Street

·         Plan has extended north to University Parkway

·         Commission elected to start with 10th Street and 14th Street for drivers to become familiar with modern roundabouts

·         Discussion of access to water tower park

                                                                      iii.      FDOT Presentation on Roundabouts (Walter Breuggeman, FDOT & Stephan Verberne, Lochner)

·         Construction expected to start October 2017 and continue through October 2019 (see attached presentation)

·         Phase I of construction (October 2017 – December 2018)

a.       Traffic will shift to the east side of US41

b.      Construction begins on the west side

c.       4 lanes of traffic will be maintained on US41

d.      Temporary signals will be installed at 10th and 14th Streets

·         Phase II of construction (December 2018 – June 2019)

a.       Traffic shifts to new roadway on the west side of US41

b.      Construction begins on the east side

c.       14th street roundabout to be completed

·         Phase III of construction (June 2019 – October 2019)

a.       Temporary signals removed

b.      Vehicles begin using 14th street roundabout

c.       Median along US 41 constructed

·         Phase IV of construction (October 2019 – December 2019):

a.       Final construction completed

b.      Traffic in final configuration

·         More information:

a.       US41 Roundabout Project:    http//

b.      General Roundabout:   http//


VI.             Old or New Business Topics


VII.          Announcements

a.       Next meeting:   June 8th

                                                                          i.      Report of Trails (Mike Lasche)

                                                                        ii.      Public Safety Committee Presentation


VIII.       Visitor Input


IX.             Adjourn