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Sep 26

North Trail's Arts Alliance Calls All Sarasota Sherlocks!

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Calling All Sarasota Sherlocks
Philip Lederer,

In a town full of theaters, galleries and all sorts of indoor artistic enterprises, it can be all too easy to overlook all the public art dotting the streets, populating the parks and even adorning the architecture. “We take it for granted,” says Jim Shirley, executive director for the Arts and Cultural Alliance of Sarasota County. And to draw public eyes to public art, the Alliance has this month launched a Sarasota Public Art Scavenger Hunt, inviting art enthusiasts of all ages to join the hunt and take a moment to stop and smell the statuary.

Free and open to the public, the rules of the scavenger hunt are simple, and the Alliance has taken care to make the adventure accessible to near everyone who wants to participate. The hunt begins with the hints—numbering nine and available via the Arts and Cultural Alliance website. Centered in Downtown Sarasota, the hunt begins at Five Points Park, with the entire journey taking place within a single square mile, before returning to Five Points Park for the final clue. Contained by design, the scavenger hunt requires no additional transportation once begun and should accommodate even short legs that tire easily or dodgy knees that can’t handle an afternoon marathon.

Each clue leads to a piece of public art, and asks a simple question that, without being burdensome, encourages taking a closer look at the public art in question. Once all nine questions are answered, responses can be submitted online to the Arts and Cultural Alliance. The Alliance will check answer sheets as they are submitted, and then mail a special prize, custom-designed by the Alliance, to each successful entrant.

It’s all about getting the public to look up from their smartphones, get out of their heads and their commutes for a moment and take a look at the art all around them every day. “They’ll look at something they’ve probably seen 40 times in the last two years, but never really thought about,” says Shirley. “All of a sudden, you’re going to realize that this is public art, and there’s a significance here.”

The Sarasota Public Art Scavenger Hunt is currently live, and the Alliance will hand out prizes as long as they last. Some have already claimed theirs, says Shirley. And if the enterprise is warmly received, there stands a good chance of more in the future. “Wouldn’t surprise me at all,” says Shirley.

Find more information and print out a clue sheet at the website below. 

Sarasota Public Art Scavenger Hunt

Original article published September 26, 2018, by SRQ Daily.