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Dec 28

NTRP Meeting Minutes of 11-09-2017

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North Trail Redevelopment Partnership

Meeting Minutes of November 9, 2017


I.                   Introductions

a.       DeAndrea Spradley

                                                                          i.      New Redevelopment Manager of Newtown Redevelopment Office


II.                Minutes

a.       Meeting Minutes of October 12th approved


III.             Report from Board or Executive Committee

a.       Nominations for Board

                                                                          i.      Jeff Oldenburg

b.      Vote for new Board Members

                                                                          i.      Unanimously approved


IV.             Subcommittee Reports

a.       Parks Committee Update

                                                                          i.      Per Jerry Fogle’s presentation in October, met with Master Planner with wish list and thoughts for North Water Tower and Whitaker Gateway Parks

b.      Roundabout Update

                                                                          i.      Construction scheduled to start Monday (November 13th)

                                                                        ii.      Infrastructure work will be over next few months

c.       ArtSpace

                                                                          i.      ArtSpace survey is currently live

                                                                        ii.      All artists and arts organizations encouraged to participate

·         Suggested more information as to why they should participate

d.      Bayfront 20:20

                                                                          i.      Master Planning Organization selected (Sasaki)

                                                                        ii.      Steering Committee purpose is to respect the spirit of all participants


V.                Presentation/Discussion

a.       Special City Commission Meeting on New Zoning Code

                                                                          i.      November 30th at 5:00 pm at City Commission

b.      Sunset of North Trail Overlay District

                                                                          i.      Discussion of requesting extension for two years or until the form-based code is adopted

                                                                        ii.      Need authorization by January to submit request letter to City Commission

·         Bayou Oaks Neighborhood

·         IBSSA Neighborhood

·         Central Cocoanut Neighborhood

                                                                      iii.      Discussion of projects that could not have happened without NTOD

·         Goodwill

·         Walmart

·         The Strand

·         Future Halflant’s Project


VI.             Old or New Business Topics

a.   Introductions:    Judith Fagin

                                                                          i.      Experience in working with the Sarasota Bayfront Planning Organization

                                                                        ii.      Working with Jay Patel on place making

                                                                      iii.      Honoring the authenticity, opportunity, and work already done on North Tamiami Trail


VII.          Announcements

a.       Discussion of holding meetings at restaurants along the North Trail

                                                                          i.      Encourage patronizing businesses along the North Trail

b.      Next meeting:   January 11th

                                                                          i.      Discussion of meeting at Kasa Sushi, but will confirm


VIII.       Visitor Input



IX.             Adjourn