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Dec 11

North Trail Redevelopment Partnership Meeting Minutes

Posted by: ntadmin

Just a reminder there is not a meeting in December, see the minutes from the November meeting below:


North Trail Redevelopment Partnership

Meeting Minutes of November 8, 2018


I.                   Introductions


II.                Minutes


III.             Report from Board or Executive Committee


IV.             Subcommittee Reports


V.                Presentation/Discussion

a.       North Trail Overlay District Incentives

                                                                          i.      Discussion on how to make projects more feasible

                                                                        ii.      Ryan Chapdelain meeting with neighborhood associations to get their feedback

·         Suggestions included:

a.       Instead of “feet”; use “stories” – beyond 4 stories goes to conditional use

                                                                                                                                                  i.      On certain lots allow 5 stories by conditional use (follows the public process of approval)

b.      Daylight plane provision remains (provides gradual increments in height next to neighboring homes)

c.       Reduction of front set back

                                                                                                                                                  i.      Allow balconies to encroach on front setbacks

d.      Allow Parking and Storm Water provisions on adjacent residential lots (by special exceptions) if purchased by the developer developing the commercial lot along US 41

                                                                      iii.      Ryan will report back once he receives input from neighborhood associations

                                                                      iv.      Expect to report back to City Commission first quarter of 2019

b.      Economic Development Update (Susan Dodd)

                                                                          i.      Mobility Fee Discount

·         As voted in favor at our September meeting, Commission has pre-approved 75% discount of mobility fees along North Trail Overlay District (NTOD) for new developments

·         Expect approval at 2nd meeting in January or 1st meeting in February 2019

                                                                        ii.      Economic Development Study

·         City Commission approved $85,000 for North Trail in Strategic Plan

                                                                      iii.      Innovation 41 Study        

·         Discussion instead of starting over with a new “study” use the data already collected in the 2006 Innovation 41 Study - review those recommendations, decide which are still valid and determine how best to carry them out

·         Discussion of event on the North Trail, to include College students to create “the buzz of the town”

·         Discussion of selecting three parcels on the Trail (a large, a medium and a small) and determine the actual cost for a return on investment

·         Discussion of Brand and Naming of the North Trail

·         Discussion of picking tasks to work on simultaneously

·         Will distribute the list of priorities from Innovation 41 Study for each member to pick as priorities

·         Discussion of getting colleges involved, maybe having a community project as a “class”

·         Discussion of Preparing, Disseminating and Presenting a half-hour each meeting as to our progress


VI.             Announcements


VII.          Visitor Input


VIII.       Adjourn