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Sep 26

North Trail's Arts Alliance Calls All Sarasota Sherlocks!

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Calling All Sarasota Sherlocks
Philip Lederer,

In a town full of theaters, galleries and all sorts of indoor artistic enterprises, it can be all too easy to overlook all the public art dotting the streets, populating the parks and even adorning the architecture. “We take it for granted,” says Jim Shirley, executive director for the Arts and Cultural Alliance of Sarasota County. And to draw public eyes to public art, the Alliance has this month launched a Sarasota Public Art Scavenger Hunt, inviting art enthusiasts of all ages to join the hunt and take a moment to stop and smell the statuary.

Free and open to the public, the rules of the scavenger hunt are simple, and the Alliance has taken care to make the adventure accessible to near everyone who wants to participate. The hunt begins with the hints—numbering nine and available via the Arts and Cultural Alliance website. Centered in Downtown Sarasota, the hunt begins at Five Points Park, with the entire journey taking place within a single square mile, before returning to Five Points Park for the final clue. Contained by design, the scavenger hunt requires no additional transportation once begun and should accommodate even short legs that tire easily or dodgy knees that can’t handle an afternoon marathon.

Nov 17

North Trail's ArtSpace Artists & Arts Organizations Survey

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Jul 14

County Commissioners Approve Funding for the Arts

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The Arts and Cultural Alliance of Sarasota County has announced that recommendations for the Tourist Development Tax funding for the Arts have been approved by the Board of County Commissioners. Funds were distributed to the following organizations, among others: Asolo Theatre, Florida Studio Theatre, Fuzion, Sarasota Orchestra, Mote Marine Laboratory, Sarasota Film Festival, Sarasota Ballet and the Ringling School of Art and Design.  

Original article published July 11, 2014 by SRQ Daily.

Jun 19

State of the Arts Opportunity Grants now accepting applications

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Applications are now being accepted for this year’s State of the Arts Opportunity Grants. Created and administered by the Arts and Cultural Alliance of Sarasota County, these grants bolster up-and-coming artistic organizations, stimulating growth and encouraging progress. Unlike the Tourist Development Cultural/Arts (TDC/A) grants or John Ringling Towers Fund grants, which assist established tourism-boosting artistic organizations or individual professional artists, respectively, Opportunity grants serve to develop smaller endeavors that are on their way up. “There are a lot of arts and cultural organizations in Sarasota County that are important to the community, but are not big enough or have not been around long enough to demonstrate that they can attract tourists,” said Jim Shirley, executive director for the Arts and Cultural Alliance. “Opportunity grants are a way that we’re able to offer support for more of these artistic organizations and help make this a greater community.” Funded mainly by sales of the State of the Arts license plates - $20 from each purchase – Opportunity grants are typically smaller than those awarded from the “bed” tax, which funds TDC/A grants. The grants range up to $5000 and are open only to qualified organizations. Applicants must be 501(c)(3) non-profits and they must operate in Sarasota and have done so for at least a year. Candidates must also prove the artistic purpose of their proposed projects, which means both articulating artistic merit and demonstrating community involvement. Lastly but importantly, they must establish administrative competence. Even then, those awarded grants receive only 75% of their fund up-front, collecting the remaining 25% upon completion of the project and validation of the use of previously received funds. “There are always checks and balances,” said Shirley. “And that’s important.” Past success stories include the Sarasota Folk Festival, which has seen fantastic growth year-to-year with help from Opportunity grants, and the Artist Series Concerts, which used the Opportunity grant as a stepping-stone to grow and apply for a TDC/A grant the following year. Last year 15 organizations applied and 11 received grants. The deadline for applications this year is August 29. Winners will be selected in September and grants awarded at a presentation in the Van Wezel auditorium on October 20.

Original article published June 19, 2014 by SRQ Daily.

May 05

SB2: Arts and Culture as an Economic Driver

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Plenty of attractions in Southwest Florida draw a crowd—the beach, sports, annual conventions—but arts leaders in the region say none quite bring the level of spending that you get from the cultural tourist.

"The expenditures people leave here are significantly larger," said Steven High, executive director of The Ringling. "They (cultural visitors) stay longer and tend to have more cash to leave behind." In fact, the measured impact of the visual arts on the Sarasota area, High said, was around $500 million, compared to a still laudable $150 million for sports. 

Arts and Culture as an Economic Driver was the topic of discussion at the most recent SB2 event, sponsored by SRQ Media Group. The April 30 event was hosted in Manatee County for the first time, at the Powell Crosley Estate, and naturally touched on regional opportunities in both the Bradenton and Sarasota areas. 

Apr 10

Live-Work Spaces For Artists' To Come To North Trail

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Could an artist colony be what Sarasota's North Trail needs to finally bring about redevelopment? A group of consultants from a Minneapolis firm specializing in creating live-work spaces for creative individuals during a Wednesday public meeting laid out reasons why having studios built could bring about a renaissance for the neighborhood. 

Professionals from Artspace, a company that has opened similar work-live spaces in 21 states including a working development in Fort Lauderdale, told artists and residents at the meeting that affordable housing that catered specifically to the artistic community could be a great fit in the community. "We want to make creative and positive changes in the community," said consultant Wendy Holmes. She said the right support systems appear to be in place in Sarasota to make a successful project. 

Consultant Stacey Michelson led the community through a slideshow of Artpace projects in other communities similar to the one the organization could bring here. All Artspace projects now are mixed use with the inclusion on commercial space and habitable space at affordable prices. Other projects include expansive studios in Washington that are rented by artists for $800 a month. Projects always include community space that can be used for art exhibitions and other events. 

Aug 23

Applications Open for Arts Alliance Grant Panel

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The Arts and Cultural Alliance of Sarasota County  is now accepting applications for individuals interested in serving on the panel for Sarasota County’s Tourist Development Cultural/Arts grants program. The program distributes approximately $1.4 million in grants each year to local arts and cultural organizations. Panelists should have experience in the creative and management aspects of the arts. Applications, due by Sept. 6, are available here.

Original article published August 22, 2013, by BIZ(941).

May 25

Sarasota Voted Best Small City For Arts

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American Style Magazine's readers' poll ranked Sarasota the No. 1 arts destination among cities with populations of 100,000 and smaller.

Another month, another top ranking for Sarasota.

American Style Magazine's readers' poll ranked Sarasota the No. 1 arts destination among cities with populations of 100,000 and smaller.