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Mar 05

USFSM Professor Receives Grant for Scholarly Research

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Pirates! Slaves and Other Captives in the Americas in the 1500s!


SARASOTA (March 4, 2014) –Timothy Turner, an Elizabethan scholar and assistant professor in the USF Sarasota-Manatee College of Arts and Sciences, received a USF System “New Researcher” grant to travel to the United Kingdom this summer to develop chapters for his second book. Turner’s project examines the experiences of English pirates, slaves, and other captives in the Americas in the 1500s. Funds from the grant will be used to study manuscript collections and early printed materials housed in the Cambridge University Library and the British Library in London. The Research Council selected Turner for the award in a competitive process as part of the USF Research & Innovation Internal Awards Program.

Dec 26

USFSM Presents Public Health Expert

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The University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee's ( next Knowledge-A-Bull Speaker Series event, 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 22, at Selby Auditorium, will feature Dr. Donna Peterson, interim senior vice president of USF Health. Peterson will talk about protecting, improving and taking charge of your health. Admission is free, but seating is expected to fill up quickly. Register here.

Dec 04

New College Bell Tower Wins Award

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Renker Eich Parks Architects and STABIL Precast Concrete, both based in St. Petersburg, have been awarded a 2013 Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute Design Award for the Robert and Beverly Koski Bell Tower and Academic Plaza located on the campus of New College of Florida. The tower was constructed by Willis A. Smith Construction in Sarasota and funded by a donation from Beverly Koski, the tower's namesake.

Original article published December 4 by BIZ(941).

Dec 03

Air Canada Adds Toronto-Sarasota Service

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Air Canada's ( new leisure airline, Air Canada Rouge, has added Saturday and Sunday flights from Toronto to Sarasota, effective Nov. 30. The airline will increase to daily flights to Sarasota, effective Dec. 17-April 27. Air Canada Rouge will operate its Airbus 319 on the Toronto-Sarasota route. The newly retrofitted aircraft features 136 seats, including the introduction of 12 Premium Rouge seats in a separate curtained cabin in the front three rows of the aircraft.

Original article published December 3 by BIZ(941).

Nov 26

Real Fried Rice on North Tamiami Trail

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Real Fried Rice
Marlene Baldeweg-Rau,

At Yummy House, do not expect your traditional Chinese take-out. Enjoy honey glaze short ribs, Peking duck, seafood bamboo soup and bitter melon frog legs cooked in a clay pot, or taste the popular salt-and-pepper calamari that has the foodies in Sarasota talking. Whatever you decide, split a plate of fried rice among the group, specifically the seafood fried rice with spicy XO Sauce. Sliced green onions, egg, scallops and shrimp are mixed nicely together with jasmine rice toasted to a perfect golden brown. The flavors are accentuated with chopped fresh cilantro dispersed throughout the fried rice. The merging of dried scallops, shrimp, ground ham, garlic, pepper and hot sauce forms the Spicy XO Sauce that brings the whole dish together. The sauce will not make you anxiously grab for a glass of water; instead it gives a little kick to the overall plate. Let yourself try what fried rice is really meant to taste like. Share: Share on FacebookShare on LinkedInShare on Twitter

Yummy House, 3232 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota; 941-351-1688

Nov 06

Ringling College Presents Service Design & Tourism Conference

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Ringling College of Art and Design ( presents the second International Service Design + Tourism Conference, Nov. 7-9 on the college’s campus in Sarasota. Keynote speakers include executives from Virgin Atlantic and Hyatt Hotels Corporation, as well as nearly 40 speakers from 15 countries. A full line-up of speakers is available here, and a schedule and registration information are available here.

Original article published November 6th by BIZ(941).

Oct 29

USF Sarasota-Manatee to Offer Second Degreein CSD

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The University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee ( has announced a second bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences & Disorders (CSD) with a concentration in speech-language sciences. Applications are now open and classes begin the summer of 2014. The all-online degree, which includes 12 upper-level major courses and four prerequisites, is open only to students who have already earned a bachelor's degree in a field outside of CSD with an overall GPA of at least 2.75. The program can be taken as a full-time student, with four courses per term, or as a part-time student, with two courses per term. By the end of the program, students should be able to demonstrate familiarity with the treatment of communication disorders at a level appropriate for the position of speech-language pathology assistant.

Original article published on October 29, 2013, in BIZ(941)

Sep 05

North Trail Roundabouts Detail Gain Momentum

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Rod Warner’s passion for roundabouts is, at least partially, rooted in a simple concept: The John Ringling Causeway Bridge and the bayfront are two of the city’s most significant icons.

Given that, he said, the road to those destinations should be vibrant — so impressive that it stands as an icon in its own right. Enter the roundabouts.

Or, more specifically, enter a 4-mile multimodal corridor along U.S. 41. The roundabouts, 11 in total, would punctuate the stretch from University Parkway to Orange Avenue, with statues in the center of each roundabout serving as iconic markers.

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Original article published August 29, 2013, by the Observer.

Aug 20

Sculptures & Roundabouts on North Tamiami Trail

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Imagine a series of sculptures at every major intersection along U.S. 41 surrounding Downtown Sarasota. No, not a single statue like the infamous Unconditional Surrender but a stream of public artworks defining the visual identity, standing in full display along the waterfront corridor that circles the heart of the community. 

That vision came a step closer to realization when Sarasota City Commissioners offered their own blessing to new landscaping codes which encourage the erection of works of art in seven planned roundabout medians along the Tamiami Trail. "We have had a love affair with roundabouts on so many levels," said City Commissioner Suzanne Atwell. "Now we will be decorating them. It's just a wonderful thing we are at this point right now." The use of the roundabouts as practical podiums is a concept embraced now by elected officials, leaders within Sarasota's art community and transportation activists. The Public Art Committee in Sarasota voted unanimously last week in favor of the landscaping plan, and representatives from U.S.41Momentum, a group lobbying for the roundabout plan, spoke in favor of the plan as well. Rod Warner, a member of US41Momentum and of the citizen advisory committee for the regional Metropolitan Planning Organization, said the sculptures would become an iconic part of the Sarasota skyline. But he acknowledged there is a still a ways to go before the statues stand. "The city doesn't have the money," he said, "so the next step is finding sources." He said in most communities with similar programs, the idea is partially funded by private donations from foundations and private enterprise. In Duluth, Georgia, a similar plan was implemented with no public funding. Arts activist Virginia Hoffman said if the plan does come together, it will be a premiere display of public art in part because Sarasota provides such a rich venue. "I can't think of one city in the eastern United States that has this sort of opportunity and has taken a project like this under its belt to put art on a state highway that runs through a most valuable and precious Bayfront vista," she said. The first roundabout planned in downtown Sarasota will begin construction at U.S. 41 and 14th Street. Another six will be phased in over the next several years. Hoffman figured iconic works would cost between $500,000 and $600,000 per intersection.

Original article published August 20, 2013, by SRQDaily.

Jun 28

North Tamiami Trail Improvements Added to Planning List

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Sarasota community leaders were successful Monday in adding North Tamiami Trail improvements to the funding priority list of the Sarasota-Manatee Metropolitan Planning Organization.

The newest project runs from 14th Street in Sarasota north to University Parkway. The 2.5-mile project along U.S. 41 will include bike trails, pedestrian walkways, landscaping and traffic roundabouts at Martin Luther King Way, Myrtle Avenue, 47th Street and University Parkway

The MPO board, consisting of elected officials of the two counties, unanimously approved making the project No. 28 on the major improvement priority list for 2013-2014.