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Oct 12

North Trail's Ringling College Wins Big!

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Ringling College Wins Big at International Animation Contest

Competing against 219 teams from 49 schools (that's 1095 students) representing nine countries (Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, USA, Thailand, Czech Republic, Germany and the UK), Ringling College of Art and Design students took the top three places in the 24 Hours International Animation Challenge. Now in its 16th year, the contest for students challenges its participants to create a 30-second film based on a given theme in a designated 24-hour period. This year, the films had to depict a strong point of view educating an audience about the need to have empathy and to animate an experience that will help convey to the audience what it is really like to speak their truth. Teams work from their home school and submit a YouTube link of their films before the deadline. They are then are judged by industry artists. First place went to Haeri Cho, Jerry Jaimes, Beatriz Correia Lima, Ioana Oprescu and Jingyun Zhou for th eir film, Hibaji, second place went to Zac Miller, Doug Alberts, Noah Selbitschka, Lauren Cash and Zach Hartman for their film, Bring the Glue, and third place went to Livia Lenhoff, Zoë Miolla, Paul Detling, Andrés Guerrero (CA) and Mitchell Blass for The Ani-Mates

Original article published October 12, 2018, by SRQ Daily.

Aug 23

North Trail's Ringling College Moves Up

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Ringling Film Program Moves Up in Nationwide Ranking


The Hollywood Reporter recently ranked Ringling College of Art and Design as the nation’s 16th best film school.

The Hollywood Reporter recently ranked Ringling College of Art and Design as the nation’s 16th best film school, up from No. 17 last year. The publication cited the college’s new “30,000-square-foot soundstage and postproduction complex, the Gulf Coast’s first such professional film facility,” as well as its Studio Lab program in ranking it highly.

Original article published August 23, 2016, by SRQ Daily and 941CEO.
Jan 14

North Trail's The Ringling Unveils Samurai Exhibit

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A Tactile History of Samurai Japan

Following on the heels of the Royal Tastes exhibit and entering the new year with continued dedication to the exhibition of art from the Asian continent, The Ringling Museum this Friday unveils Samurai: The Way of the Warrior. Featuring more than 80 historical artifacts from the Museo Stibbert in Florence, Italy and presented in collaboration with Museo Stibbert curator Francesco Civita, Samurai affords visitors an up-close look at a multitude of arms and armor that came to define this warrior class, as well as a glimpse into the lavish domestic life of the wealthy, all the while presenting perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing crash-course in samurai history during a martial and political dominance lasting from 1185 to 1868.

Everything works in tandem, and upon entering the exhibit, a brief history and a timeline at the front provide immediate written context, while a 17th century triptych screen of gold and silk offers to the careful eye a preview of all to come, with samurai at battle on earth and at sea, fully-armored and wielding weapons of war. This is the rise of the samurai.

Oct 23

North Trail's Ringling International Festival Wrap-up

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Dispatches from RIAF Part 2: What Did It All Mean?
Philip Lederer, 

Though this year’s Ringling International Arts Festival has come and gone, it has once again left its indelible mark on the audience. Whether through the kuruma ningyo puppetry of Tom Lee’s Shank’s Mare (of which RIAF attendees got a sneak peek), the outrageous feats of Phare: The Cambodian Circus or the orchestral acrobatics of Orkes Sinten Remen from Indonesia, viewers were wowed, just as they were moved by the emotion of performances by Ronnarong Khampha and by Peni Candra Rini.

In the Mertz Theatre, TAO Dance Theater took the stage. One of the leading contemporary dance troupes in China and in the midst of a world tour, RIAF 2015 marked the only U.S. stop and a rare opportunity. In a trio of performances entitled Weight X 3, comprising two duets and a solo piece, the troupe lived up to its reputation for minimalism and virtuosic precision. With duets almost geometric and a dizzying and twirling performance from a lone performer separating, the night unfolded with an almost ritualistic gravitas, the sweat pouring from its barefoot and choreographed acolytes to something greater than themselves. Accompanied by a musical score often cacophonous and at times actively distonal, the final effect was akin to a stoic wrangling of harmony from chaos. It was startling, it was new, it was RIAF.

Oct 09

North Trail's Ringling Reveals Asian Art

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The Ming Dynasty at the Ringling Museum
Philip Lederer,

The Ringling Museum of Art today reveals a stunning collection of priceless art from the Asian continent with Royal Taste: The Art of Princely Courts in Fifteenth-Century China, an exhibition created in conjunction with the Hubei Provincial Museum in China. Featuring more than 140 cultural artifacts and national treasures on loan, in addition to 12 porcelain pieces from the Ringling’s Wall-Apelt Collection, and displayed across three galleries in the museum’s Searing Wing, audiences are afforded a glimpse into the palatial everyday lives of Ming royalty, as well as accompanying burial artifacts and religious objects from the Daoist temples of Mount Wudang.

“The Ringling Museum is dedicated to promoting the art of the world,” said Dr. Fan Zhang, associate curator of Asian art at The Ringling and one of many museum officials who travelled to China in the past year working with Hubei Provincial Museum officials to create Royal Taste. “These fantastic works present a rare opportunity to experience the incredible richness and character of material culture in the Ming Dynasty.”

Sep 16

Writer/Director Visits North Trail's Ringling College

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Writer/Director Angelo Pizzo Visits Ringling College
Philip Lederer, 

Continuing the tradition of bringing top-notch talent and guests to its students, Ringling College of Art and Design welcomed Hollywood screenwriter Angelo Pizzo, who penned such seminal sports films as Rudy and Hoosiers, to campus this week to teach a masterclass with producer Paul Schiff and talk and screen their latest film, My All American. Based on the inspiring true story of 1960s University of Texas football player Freddie Steinmark, who rose from gridiron underdog to school icon, and starring Finn Wittrock as Steinmark and Aaron Eckhart as the coach who gave him a chance, the film marks Pizzo’s first as director and the starting point for two Ringling alums, Harrison Stagner and Nick Lennon, who served as interns on the film.

“It’s not the sport itself that you’re watching – it’s the canvas,” said Pizzo, asked about his apparent affinity for the sports film genre. “It’s about the characters, their struggles, their journeys and their success or failure.” Sports provide the backdrop, with definite winners and losers and set rules. “That’s not always true in life,” Pizzo continued. “It provides you a great canvas to use sports as metaphor.” In addition, there’s a special place that sports holds in American society, said Pizzo, that allows these stories to resonate. “There’s a familiarity and a connection with sport and American culture,” he said. Everyone has a connection to some sport, whether it be real or imagined, that transcends the scoreboard. “It’s a form of community and how people come together,” Pizzo said. “And all of us have a need for community.”

Jun 18

North Trail's Ringling Graduates Win Animation Award

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Ringling College of Art and Design alumni continue to make waves in the world of computer animation, with graduates Michelle Kwon and Michael Bidinger winning “Best Computer Animated Short” at the 42nd Annual SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival in Los Angeles with their animated senior thesis film Jinxy Jenkins and Lucky Lou.

With a style and palette reminiscent of the animation titan Pixar Studios (which hired Bidinger post-graduation), the short follows the afternoon adventures of the interminably unfortunate Jenkins, downtrodden by Greek myth levels of rotten luck, and the effervescent Lou, seemingly touched by the hand of Lady Luck herself, as they tumble and soar through the colorful and chaotic streets of an animated San Francisco. With nary a frame wasted, it’s a barrage of visual gags with an attention to detail one expects from a major Hollywood studio.

“I thought it’d be interesting to explore two very opposite characters in how they would interact and even balance each other out,” said Kwon, currently in LA where she works as a 3D generalist for entertainment studio JibJab Media. “I was inspired by real people in my life and the dynamics of people who are so different but somehow work things out.”

Feb 04

North Trail's Ringing Team Wins Imagineering Competition

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A team of students from Ringling College of Art and Design won first place at the 24th Walt Disney Imagineering Imaginations Competition. The annual contest, held since 1992, has been one of the chief ways Disney has discovered talent to hire as Imagineers to design the resort and theme park attractions of tomorrow.

The Ringling team—consisting of Elizabeth Fox, Diana Han, John McDonald and Josh Newton—brought a design for a two-tiered train system imagined as a transit system for New Orleans; the bottom train on this dual-cart monorail would have digital overlays of historic New Orleans projected on top of views of the city as it exists today.

“We are very proud of the professionalism and creativity shown by the Ringling College team in designing such an innovative and imaginative transportation solution,” said Ringling College of Art and Design President Larry Thompson. “We value the time and effort Walt Disney Imagineering allocates to driving the Imaginations design competition and inspiring creativity in universities across our country.” 

Oct 06

North Trail's The Ringling Ranks High

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The Ringling Ranks High on TripAdvisor

The Ringling ( was recognized by TripAdvisor’s 2014 Traveler’s Choice Awards as one of the top six art museums in the U.S. for visitor experience and as one of the top 25 museums overall. With more than 35,000 active museums in the country, the TripAdvisor ranking places The Ringling in the top .05 percent of museums nationally.

Original article published October 6, 2014, by Biz(941).

Sep 22

North Trail's Ringling College Plans for Newtown Soundstage

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The Ringling College of Art and Design ( Friday announced plans for a 30,000-square-foot soundstage and post-production facility to be built on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Way, between Central and Cocoanut avenues, in Sarasota’s historic Newtown neighborhood. The public/private partnership includes private investors New York-based Semkhor and locally based BHS Properties, and was also made possible in part by a 2010 $1.75 million grant from the county. When completed, the facility will be used for academic as well as commercial purposes. Director Roman Coppola, the college’s 2014 commencement speaker and son of Francis Ford Coppola, is consulting on the project. Construction is slated to begin in 2015.

Original article published September 22, 2014, by BIZ(941).